Seaman Recruitment Profile: We seek dedicated seamen to join our dynamic team at Dragon Boat Shipping Industry. Ideal candidates should have relevant maritime experience, strong safety awareness, and the ability to work effectively in a team. Responsibilities include vessel maintenance, navigation support, and ensuring compliance with maritime regulations. We value professionalism, resilience, and a commitment to excellence in maritime operations.

Professional Vessel Broker Recruitment Profile: Dragon Boat Shipping Industry is looking for experienced vessel brokers with a strong track record in sales and a deep understanding of the maritime industry. Candidates should possess excellent negotiation skills, a wide network within the shipping community, and the ability to identify and secure lucrative chartering opportunities. We seek professionals who are strategic, client-focused, and adept at fostering long-term relationships.

  • Job title
  • Operation Specialist
    No deadline
    1. Follow up on product version iteration: go live&release, cooperate with channel version updates

    2. Product content: Updating and maintaining product content, capturing user preferences and usage habits

    3. Data organization: Organize and analyze product user data and channel promotion data, and output operational strategies

    4. Community operation: Maintaining the normal operation of product communities, answering user questions, and promoting product function iteration

    5. Assist the project team in completing other operational tasks
    1. 1 year of experience in internet operations, with priority given to those who are proficient in/familiar with mobile product operations

    2. Has a certain level of copywriting skills

    3. Data organization, data analysis thinking and skills, familiar with Excel

    4. Has a certain level of operational thinking and internet sensitivity

    5. Careful, patient, responsible, with strong initiative and learning ability
    No deadline